Bereaved mum Liz Voysey, whose  daughter Amy was killed aged 19 by a speeding driver on a 70mph dual carriageway, was so upset by the government’s regressive proposals that she set up a petition.

You can help the No to 80 campaign by signing it, then sharing it online. 


6 thoughts on “Petition

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  2. What is wrong with people today?!? Oh look people drive crazy enough as it is and there are always crashes and people losing lives, we should we do about it… Clearly trying to increase the speed limit is the most retarded thing to do

  3. Annoyingly this site will not allow you to copy your own comment.

    Agree with all your arguments, but as is usual, you omit the issue of Oil Depletion. The International Energy Agency (IEA, relied on by governments for reassurance since the 1973 Oil Crisis) warn (2009) of an Oil Crunch by 2015. Many experts think that will mark the all-time high, the peak, if you like the maxing-out, of global oil production. There are a wide range of expert models using very different methods to support this conclusion.

    No-to-80 should particularly draw attention to this issue, because the Government has no policy and no published contingency plan – why is it overlooked. Can supply a paper on this if No-to-80 agree that peaking of the resource that supplies over 90% of UK transport is a slightly important issue.

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  5. This must be politians trying to look pro car and gain a tiny bit of popularity.
    At a time when we urgently need to reduce carbon emmissions this is not the time to pass a measure which will increase them – for no good reason.

  6. There is no need for an increase in the speed limit. Much better to enforce the existing limits. Judging by the large number of vehicles speeding past me when I’m driving at 70 on the M-way, the limit is not being enforced.
    Time will come when vehicle speeds are limited by electronic signals. That will end the farce of making cars that can easily exceed the limit but penalising drivers for actually doing it.

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