Why No to 80?

The government’s proposal to increase the motorway limit to 80mph is inhumane. Experts predict it would result in more violent road deaths and serious injuries, causing unnecessary trauma and suffering.

It will also result in increased carbon emissions, contributing to climate change, and an increased financial burden on drivers, the NHS and emergency services. In addition higher speeds would mean noise from motorways would reach further into the countryside and damage tranquillity.

Given the evidence, No to 80 calls on government to abandon its proposals, and instead set out how it will work to prevent needless, devastating and costly crashes and casualties on these roads.


One thought on “Why No to 80?

  1. As has been said elsewhere, while your arguments against the 80mph limit are certainly already strong and sound, you should also include the issue of energy wastage and its effects on oil depletion. The difference in fuel consumption between 70mph and 80mph (to say nothing of the frightening 90mph which would become the de facto norm) is not marginal: wind resistance is the main factor at this speed, and this increases with the square of the speed. So going from 70mph to 80mph is about a 30% increase in this resistance, and therefore, distributed across the busy motorway network, will mean a massive increase in energy consumption.
    Also, to the extent that the high limit would reduce journey times (arguably it often would not as it would harm traffic flow), it will encourage modal shift from rail and other modes to car.
    All in all, an almost incredible policy suggestion to be making in 2012.

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